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The Indiana Area Lacrosse Club is a working organization whose operations are only successful because of its volunteers and the countless hours they put in before, during and after the season. The Board consists of several statutory members: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and members whose specific expertise and volunteer time are vital to the Club’s operations, such as Fundraising Chairperson, Photo Coordinator,  and others. If you are interested in contributing to the operations of the club beyond the standard seasonal volunteer duties, please contact a board member.

Indiana Area Lacrosse Club holds regular board meetings  at S&T Arena and via Zoom.  Active members in good standing of Indiana Area Lacrosse Club are welcome to attend board meetings. Please contact with any questions.

Pam Kaufman


MaryBeth Lehman

Vice President

Melissa Campisano


Mary Wood


Stephanie Armstrong

Elizabeth Hawk

Brenda Lonetti

Katie Rescenete

Molly Russell

Brian Sharp

Krista Shawl